First conquer the island Nagel with its four kingdoms (Borgoti, Nirvika, Fargat and Cambriak) and then expand your kingdom and defeat rival lords to conquest the Noland World. You have the mission to expel the Orcs from the Realms and the Noland World and defend the


Reconquered Kingdoms from possible attacks of the Orcs.


 1. Lead your army in each battles and lead them to victory.

 2. Fight against the orcs.

 3. Defend and Conquer Nagel Island.

 4. Attack to Conquer the World of Noland

 5. Go to war with hundreds of soldiers, all under your control.

 6. Totally Free

For this you will have to create your army with money that is given to you at the beginning of the game. You can buy several types of soldiers (Soldiers with Swords, Archers and Soldiers with Ax). Archers are more effective both in defending and in attacking.